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 The Great Escape

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PostSubject: The Great Escape   The Great Escape EmptyTue Dec 16, 2014 12:35 am

The sun glistened off the lake, making the gentle rolling waves appear as though they were dancing. The weather was relatively warm, a cool but comfortable sixty right degrees. A gentle breeze rolled through, sending the scents of the surrounding forest through the air. Heather laid near the water, her red pink hair pulled back in a neat high pony tail. She had been cooped up indoors all day and was enjoying the warmth of the sun on her Olive toned skin. She took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly, her light baby blue eyes resting on the glistening water.

'If only I had my notebook. This scenery is so gorgeous. I can't believe I left it at home.' Heather sighed, but turned it around into a smile, remembering her mother always telling her the best scenes are the ones captured not on paper or film, but in your mind. The sun was slowly starting to set, and the scene changed, the colors of the sky turning soft shades of orange, pink and red, the water glistening even more than before, and the long shadows cast by the trees making the moment seem magical. 'This has always been my favorite place to come since the move.' Heather knew she could always find peace by the waters edge, even if she didn't need it.

Heater stood up and slipped into her flip flops. She pulled her tank top over her bikini top and picked up her purse, taking one last long look at the lake before heading back to the city. As she made her way down the familiar path back to the park, Heather couldn't help but feel like something in that moment was missing. She felt she knew what it was, but she couldn't be too sure. 'Maybe I'm just missing a mans touch...' Her thoughts were clouded and she didn't realize she had mistakenly drifted off the path back to the park. 'Dammit...' Heather sighed and hoped the sun would be up long enough for her to find her way back. 'Id hate to get lost here in the dark...' She shivered a bit despite being totally warm.

After about five minutes of walking, she found her way back on the path and was soon in the park, the sun just starting to set on the horizon. The lamps in the park were lit up and streetlight had begun to come on. Heather smiled at the peace everything brought. 'Its such a nice night...Maybe I'll go out to grab a bite to eat.' Heather mulled over her thoughts as she headed back to her small house.

Heather walked through the front door and set her purse on her couch. She flipped on a few lights and headed towards her room, mainly her closet, stripping from her shirt and shorts along the way. She walked into her closet and picked out a nice, crimson dress to wear for dinner. She slipped it on, zipping up the back. The dress was skin tight and one side ran down the length of her leg while the other flowed to match the design. She slipped her matching heels on, grabbed her night purse, fixed her hair and makeup and headed out, going to a nice restaurant for dinner.
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The Great Escape
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