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 Shadow's Characters

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PostSubject: Shadow's Characters   Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:35 pm

My name is Gyasi Amun, and yes, I am Egyptian. Full blooded Egyptian.

I am a Vampire, a pure blooded vampire. My parents were two of the Original Vampires. You might think, They were Italian, how are you Egyptian? Well, dear child, not everything is as it seems. I was the last born of them, and my siblings were all slayed during the time of witches being burned at the stake. The only one who lived, my sister, was the first born, Emily. Her power far exceeds my own, and she has powers I only wish I had.

Alas, being the last born from the Originals, I don't have too many powers, except for the usual vampire powers: extraordinary eye sight, super strength, and a great running speed. I have a very very small ability to control the Earth, but it's nothing you could ever notice. Yes, it is THAT weak. The benefits of being the last born...

Enough about the vampire talk. Perhaps you would like to know what I look like? I stand at 6 feet, 5 1/2 inches tall. I have a muscular build, but a soft, delicate looking face. I have caramel brown colored skin which is unusual since I lived in Egypt 99% of my life, sandy brown hair, and deep brown eyes that change hazel when I'm thirsty. I weigh 212 pounds, all of it muscle.

My clothing style is quite simple: tank-tops year round, and usually skinny jeans, to show off my muscular legs, and sometimes basketball shorts. I wear sandals all year round as well. Why, might you ask? Have you seen Egypt? It's completely sand! Wearing shoes would be so uncomfortable. I wear sunglasses quite often, but never at night. Why should I? I wear rings on my right hand on my ring and middle fingers. I wear my mothers gold necklace with a diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald charm hanging from it. Yes, REAL gems. And it's crafted from solid gold. This is worth more than you can imagine.

I feel I've talked enough about my appearance. Let's move onto personality, shall we? I am usually a nice, laid back kind of guy. Of course, I boast absolute power, so people don't ever try to cross my path, if you know what I mean. I may be all nice and laid back for the most part, but trust me, I have a very short temper, and I will get in your face and threaten you if I feel it's absolutely necessary. Having a short temper works out quite well, because when people do make me mad, it's generally the last time they ever do.

Fighting is my passion. Odd to say, since I always win, but I love brawling. I am trained in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, and there is the fighting I learned growing up on the streets of Cairo. Of course, being a vampire, I have the ability to always win a fight, but I figured I might as well get well versed in the ways of other fighting, just to make myself seem more human. I mean, after all, fitting in IS what being a vampire is all about.

Most of my time is spent in my home gym. I am a fitness freak, and working out is by far my biggest passion. I've reached my muscle growth limit, but that doesn't stop me from toning my body up and making my muscles much more defined. It attracts the ladies! I've gotta be able to support a good gun show when it's necessary!

I'm quite a playful guy. I love to fake wrestle, fake fight, and I LOVE playing jokes on everyone. When I'm with other vampires, we often go at each other full power, but of course, only if we are alone. If I'm playing around with a human, you bet that I'm much much MUCH more gentle with them than usual. I don't want a law suit on me now.

I'm a major show off. Anything I can do to impress anyone, ESPECIALLY the ladies, I will do. This makes so many guys jealous, but hey, if you got it, flaunt it. And I truly do love flaunting it.

I'm a romantic. Although I may seem like I'm only trying to get chicks, when I find one my heart is set on, I will do anything for her. Even if it does debase my reputation a bit. Hey, if it makes her happy, I'll be happy to do it. Taking her out to dinner, a movie, watching the sunset, doing a midnight walk on the beach...I enjoy doing ALL of that stuff. But I will NEVER lead a girl on. That's about the worst thing ANY guy could do.

My history is a long one...I mean, I AM 1000 years old. I'd love to go in depth here, but really, if you wish to know, ask me. I don't want to dwell on my poor life to everyone.

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's Characters   Thu Jun 05, 2014 1:41 am

Hello there! My name is Heather, Heather Hecate. Pleased to meet you. I'm assuming that since you've stumbled upon this page that you're wishing to know more about me. Well your wish is my command!

I'm just going to start with the basics. Who likes when you go deep into detail right at first? I'm currently twenty years old, born February 13th, 1996. What a date, right? I don't bother with Valentine's Day; my birthday is more important! (For me anyways...Haha). I was born in New Zealand. I'm not going to bother with a town name; I'm sure you don't know of it...aha. It was a very small town. I lived there, well, my whole life, really. I have just recently moved to America, and boy let me tell you it is sure different than NZ. Considering I just moved a short time ago, I still have a very, very thick accent. It gets kind of annoying here, having everyone ooh and aww my accent. At first it was nice but now...Anyways. I currently live in Maui, Hawaii with a few friends that moved here with me. It's really nice, being on an island still, having the same kind of life style I had back home. I feel like I'm rambling now...So let's move on.

I'm sure the first thing you noticed about me was my hair. I mean, how could you not? It's dyed a bright pink-red, a process that took about two years to complete. I should mention I did not bleach my hair; I came to this color by mixing red and pink hair dye and waiting for it to completely work the way I wanted. And it so worked! Anyways. Enough about my hair. I currently stand at five feet six inches tall. That's relatively tall for a girl. I weigh one hundred seventeen pounds. Small, I know. BUT! I would like to say, I am NOT, I repeat, NOT an anorexic. I know that that is a major problem among girls my age, but I eat a very healthy balanced diet and I do extensive yoga and MMA training classes, keeping me in great shape. Since I do work out, you bet that I have a very fit and toned body. It's nothing extensive; I still have perky breasts, which is something you don't usually keep with the training I do. My stomach is flat and I do have a slight six pack, but again, nothing extensive. I wear a decent amount of makeup; I have blue eyes, olive toned skin, no piercings, no tattoos, no scars, no birthmarks, really nothing out of the ordinary. Let's move on to what I wear. Honestly, I am a SUCKER for sun dresses. Literally everything I own is pretty much a sun dress. I do have shirts and pants and skirts and formal gowns and all that, but sun dresses is my one true love. I also have an abundance of flip flops, heel sandals, wedges, etc. Basically a large choice of shoes to choose from. Again I feel as though I am rambling.

So you might be wondering, who am I? How do I act? What are my preferences? Well, I'm about to tell you.

I'm no shy girl. I am quick to strike up a conversation, I'll be that girl that will socialize with someone if I see them sitting alone, basically all that stuff. But when it comes to guys I'm crushing on, or think are cute...I turn into that awkward shy girl that will more than likely say the wrong thing. But hey, that's life, right? I'm no party animal, however. I feel like if you say you're extremely outgoing then people assume you're a party animal. I, however, am not. Honestly, I hate parties and alcohol and all that. Birthday parties are the only ones I truly like. I'd rather stay at home, curled up next to the fire in the fireplace and read a good book while sipping a hot cup of tea or cocoa. Yeah, I'm literally that kind of person you read about in books. Although I'm outgoing, I have a real hard time trusting people. It has nothing to do with any personal experiences that ended bad; I just don't trust easy. Never have. And you'll know when I trust you; I tell you things I haven't told anyone before...Or at least not very many. I'll give you a quick rundown of the rest of how I am: hopeless romantic, chatty, hopeful, positive vibes, free spirit, prefer peace over war, animal lover, down to earth, basically all that stuff.

Let's see...I haven't covered what I like to do. I'm an artist, for the most part. Drawing is the only form of art I fully enjoy. I don't like painting, sculpting, or anything like that. Just sketching and drawing. Aren't those the same? Oh well. I'm also a musician. I play piano, violin, flute, clarinet, guitar, and saxophone. I know, that's a lot. But I've had a ton of free time in the past. Oh, and I'm also a singer. I don't do anything major with my music; I've done open mic nights and all that, but I haven't planned anything major in terms of a career with music. I love photography, too. I prefer wildlife and nature pictures, but I do take pictures of people if they ever want to do a fun little photo shoot. It's a part time job sometimes. Only if the person pays me for the pictures. But hey, I'm not complaining. I also love having my photo taken. So much, in fact, that I currently have a very steady career as a model. It is so much fun!! I love it. There are many more things I love doing, like hiking, swimming, snorkeling, hang-gliding, zip-lining, sightseeing, basically anything that has to do with nature or being outdoors. And that's pretty much it.

Here are a few facts about me that don't fit with the rest of what I've covered:
-I speak fluent English, French, Chinese, German, Russian and Spanish.
-I adopted a dolphin when I was 13
-I have four sisters and two brothers
-I have a pet cat named Honey
-I live in a three bedroom apartment
-I'm human
-I have the ability to predict weather patterns

As for my history...Well, just ask me dear. I'm open about a lot of things about my past, so if you're interested in it, ask me. Thank you for your time~

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's Characters   Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:44 pm

Hello hello. My name is Tyson, Tyson Bullenger. But you can call me Shadow, everybody else does. Why would people call me Shadow, you ask? Well, I'll get to that in a minute. I should let you know that I am a vampire. However, this was not the life I chose. I was transformed into...Again, I'll get to that later. Perhaps I should tell you a little about me? Well, first you should know I am frozen at the age of 23. That was the age I was transformed at. It's not bad I suppose. Anyways. I'm full blood Italian. Ironic, isn't it? I'm an Italian vampire. *chuckles* I was born in Sicily, back in 1302. I know, I know. I'm old. 812 years to be exact. Soon to be 813. And that's young for a vampire, believe it or not.

As you may know, some vampires gain special gifts when they get transformed. I was lucky enough to gain quite a unique power. I can control and manipulate shadows, yes, shadows. I can also bring people to the rare, unknown world known as the city of shadows. As you have probably guessed, that is how I came to be known as Shadow. The power is nifty, being able to hide practically anywhere and if I truly wanted to, kill people using their own shadows. I rarely do that, however. There are many more things I can do with this power, but I like secrets, so you'll have to find out first hand what can fully happen.

Now, as you can see, I have short, sandy blonde hair. Normally I keep it at a champagne blonde, but I haven't gotten around to dying it lately. My hair, as I've been told, compliments my dark brown eyes nicely. I have a strong facial structure; I have a well defined jaw line and the rest of my features seem rather flawless. My skin is a nice golden tan, which seems odd to most since I am a vampire. But not all vampires are pale and wintery as the books and movies make us seem. I have a full set of pearly white teeth and of course a sharp set of fangs. I do have my lip pierced, however I rarely keep a ring in. I have so many tattoos, I've lost count. I think I have around 10. Possibly more. They're scattered all over my body and all have different meanings to me. Some people don't necessarily understand them, even when I explain them. Oh well. I stand at 6 feet, 4 inches tall and I weigh 246 pounds, completely muscle. Some people find it impressive but me, I just enjoy having a nice toned body.

My fashion is quite simple really. I wear simple button up shirts, V-necks, and tank tops. I keep it simple, and only have solid color shirts. I wear colors that aren't too bright and vibrant, but also don't look like something an animal would produce (if you catch my drift). I wear skinny jeans usually, just because I hate the feel of baggy pants. They don't feel right to me. If I'm not in pants, I'm wearing basketball/gym shorts, or capris. I rarely wear capris, but they're stylish. So I don't mind. I usually wear converse, but if I'm not, it's flip flops, boots, or high tops. I wear quite a bit of jewelry; necklaces, rings, bracelets, and I have a ring my mother gave me that I wear around my neck always so I always have a piece of her with me.

There is a lot to know about me as a person, so please, bare with me.

I suppose I shall start with the basics. I'm very friendly, no matter how incredibly rude someone is to me. I don't like to say things that can hurt people, so even when someone gets on my nerves or pisses me off, I deal with the situation in a very friendly matter. But I do get my point across. Although I may be friendly, I am very vindictive. If you manage to piss me off enough, I use my power to make your life full of fright for a while. Yes, I do have a strong dark side. For a while I was stuck in a very dark place and I had the worst thoughts and I was a very evil and cruel person. I have since left that place in my life, but those feelings still lie within me. Ever since I left that dark place in my life, I have realized what peace and meditation can do for a person. It's made me realize that there is good in every person, you just have to find a way to reach in and find that place within yourself.

My temper has gotten me into trouble more than I can count. I know what you're thinking. 'If you're friendly, how has your temper gotten you in trouble?' Well, I take my anger out with physicality. Never on a person. I hit walls and any nonhuman or animal thing around. I have cause so much damage to cities and forests with my anger issues. I say that like I have a problem...Trust me, I do not. I have a very long fuse, and it takes me quite a while to reach that level of anger. It all mainly happened during those dark times I mentioned. And yes, I will describe those dark times later on.

Although I may be friendly, I am honestly a shy guy. I'm not extremely shy, but I rarely approach people and strike up a conversation. If someone approaches me and starts talking, of course I'll contribute to the conversation. There's no reason really why I'm shy; I don't have trust issues and I haven't had a traumatic experience that caused it. I'm just naturally shy. Oh well, some say it makes me seem more mysterious. I don't get how but I don't question it.

Whenever I meet that special someone, I turn into quite a romantic. I'll take them on very nice dates, give them little gifts randomly just because I want to, I always make sure they're happy, basically anything that fits into romance I try and do for my partner. Now, you maybe curious to know why I didn't say 'her' or 'she' through all that. Well, it is because I'm not only interested in girls. In my eyes, love is love, and for me, it doesn't matter if I find it with a man or a woman.

I believe being caring and kind is by far the nicest thing any person can do for another person. I'm extremely caring. If a friend is going through a tough time, I will always be there to help, no matter what I'm doing. I suppose this is because I understand what it's like to not have someone there for you to help when you need it. I went years not having someone around to help, and I don't wish for anyone to have to go through that. I always make it clear that I'll be there for them, even if I'm miles away.

I feel like I've gone on enough about my personality. Let's move onto hobbies shall we?

Books are my everything. I love to sit down and read, no matter where I'm at. I love reading in parks or forests, underneath the shade of a nice tree. The same can be said about reading in candlelight, by a fire, and even seaside/lake side. I also like to write a little bit. It's not a major passion of mine, but if I'm not doing anything else, then I'll grab a notebook or sit down with my laptop and write. I like to write romance novels, and children's books mostly. I've never finished writing a book however. I read mystery, romance, and thriller novels.

Considering I've had many years of free time, I decided one thing I wanted to try was fashion design. I surprised myself with how good some of the clothes looked, and I started my own fashion line. It was short lived, however. Not because sales were bad, but I felt it wasn't what I truly wanted. I still design clothes, I draw sketches of many different types when I feel like it, but I no longer do anything with it. A lot of people were disappointed, but you can't go on doing what you want if you don't love it or find joy in it anymore.

When I was growing up, my mother always played the piano for me when I would go to sleep. This stopped when I got a bit older though. But I could always remember hearing the sound when I would go to sleep. That motivated me to learn to play the piano myself. I'm quite skilled, and even went on to learn how to play the cello, and clarinet. I play piano most often, but I sometimes crack out my cello or clarinet and start to play. The sounds are calming, and I often play when I become angry.

Literature was always something I was interested in. I loved it; the poetry, stories, just everything. I studied literature basically everyday of my life. I even went on to get a degree in literature. I can't really say much, but I did get a job at a high school for a while teaching English and literature.

Those are just a few of my hobbies. There are many, many others, but I don't wish to keep you held up reading this for too long.

Well, now we have reached the end. Almost...Now I suppose it's time to tell you about my past...Or rather, the important events.

As I already stated, I was born in Sicily, Italy in 1302. We moved to Venice when I was 5, and from there on that's where we lived. It was nice and peaceful, and life was easy. I am the oldest of three, my younger siblings came shortly after me. My parents stayed together, never getting a divorce. Our lives seemed perfect. I can't say I have much to report, as my life was generic from this point on.

It wasn't until I turned 23 when my life took a turn for the...well, I can't say worse, because I love this life I live. Anyways. I had moved to Rome, and I had been living there for quite sometime. One night, I stayed out late, deciding to explore Rome at night. There was no one else out, or at least, I don't remember anyone being out. I had this feeling that someone was following me, but I can't remember if I checked or not. Sometime had passed, and I was walking down an alley by my house. I was just about to get home, when all of a sudden I was thrown with force into the wall. I fell to the ground, and I felt a tight pinch in my neck, followed by excruciating pain. I blacked out, and when I woke, everything seemed...Different. My throat burned, my sense were sharper, and I overall just felt different. I realized quickly that I had been turned into a vampire. I went back to my parents house, to try and get some answers. Unfortunately, the thirst I felt over came me, and I...drained my parents, out of pure instinct. I felt awful...So I fled, and lived in secrecy for many years. Those dark times I mentioned...All occurred because I killed my parents. I hated myself, hated what I became. I tried killing myself, but that didn't work, obviously. Everything seemed so unreal during those times...Thirst always won over, and I killed many many humans...I despised myself, and was full of anger, violence, and hated basically everything.

I lived that way for years, until I fled to the mountains...to try and figure everything out. I didn't know what to think, or do, but all I knew was I wanted those feelings to stop. I found peace being isolated. Being away from humans allowed me to live knowing I wasn't harming innocent people. Animal blood satisfied my thirst, and slowly, the feelings faded. I discovered meditation, and with living alone for so long, those feelings faded away. I returned to civilization, but in America, seeing as how I refused to go back to Italy.

I lived a normal life in America, but something was missing. I knew exactly what, too. I ignored what I had done for years, ran away from it. I had to go back and resolve the situation, to free myself from myself, to be a bit cliche. I went back to Italy and went to my parents old house, and after accepting what I had done, to the many humans I killed as well, I was free of the feelings completely. I had found total peace, and have lived my life the way I knew my parents would want me to...
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's Characters   Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:56 pm

Hello there my loves~ My name is Melody, Melody Hart. It's great to make your acquaintance. You all seem like loving and nice people, so I should have no problem letting you in on my life!

Well, aside from what I already told you, I am Melody. I was born and raised primarily in London, Britain. Ahh yes, a Brit. That may seem shocking to some, but I don't think twice of it. But, then again, I am from there aha. Anyways, I was born on April 3rd, 1993. Yes, I am 22 years old. That does surprise some people, as I do look younger than I look. I enjoy it, honestly. Getting carded whenever I buy alcohol is nice, makes me feel young haha! As I mentioned, I was raised primarily in London. When I was about 16 years old, my family moved to America, as my mother had a job offer that paid more, and my father was able to find a job that paid well too, so we made the move to very unfamiliar territory. Honestly, I did not enjoy it at first. Everyone always complimented me on my accent, and it got very annoying, as to me it was just my voice. THEY were the ones who had the accents to me. When we moved, we moved to Maui, Hawaii. There, I met my best friend, Heather. It was nice, as we both were outsiders in America. She was born in New Zealand, you see. She is younger than me by three years, but that did not stop us from becoming the best of friends. Now, we're in college together and work together at a modeling agency. It's very nice, having my best friend around all the time. If it wasn't for her, I honestly do not know what I would have done with myself, as I was not very popular, and most people did not want to be friends with the outsider. Life was a little rough, but hey, when doesn't it get rough?

Let's move on, shall we? I feel as though my background history might be boring to most, so we are going to move on to appearance. Obviously, I do not go the normal way with my looks, mainly my hair. As you can tell, it is dyed a very light pink/peach color. I adore it, and it does not fade very fast, which I love. I did have to bleach it to obtain this colour, but I took great care and whatever damage was done is gone. I have been told that my hair compliments my eyes very well, although I do not see it. I have very dark brown eyes, which some say is a little unusual since I have no Mexican or Hispanic heritage in me. I, however, love my eyes and would not trade them for any other colour. Now, you may have noticed, I am extremely pale. Another unusual occurrence, since I have lived on an island for the past six years. I just cannot tan, no matter how hard I try. I have come to terms with it and embrace it. I have had my nose pierced, as you can see in the pictures provided. However, I have since taken them out since those pictures and allowed the holes to close. I have no other piercings, two tattoos, one of Big Ben on my upper arm, and I have London tattooed on my ankle. I wear my makeup a little heavier, and have quite a large makeup collection. As for my fashion sense, I will wear almost anything. I have a huge wardrobe, and it is packed with all kinds of clothes - formal dresses, sun dresses, skinny jeans, Daisy Dukes, short skirts, spaghetti straps, regular t-shirts...I think you get the idea. I also wear any type of shoe, I'm not picky. Oh dear me! I never mentioned my height. How silly of me. I stand at 5'3" tall. I prefer not to disclose weight, as I do not find it important, but I will say I am petite.

That's enough about appearance. I mean, it seems a little braggy when people go on and on about their looks, right? So now, let's move onto what kind of person I am. Hobbies, interests, the likes. I would first like to start with saying, I am a ShapeShifter. However, I rarely ever shift. I prefer my human forme. When I do shift, however, I shift into a snow white tiger. I find them to be absolutely majestic and regal in their appearance. Along with being a shifter, I do have another power, as most supernatural species, and some humans, do. I have the rare ability to control snow and ice. This ability is quite rare, and I have not yet figured out why, and no one else has been able to figure it out either. Controlling snow and ice, my body temperature stays much cooler than that of the average person. Nowhere near a vampires cold touch, although some say it's close.

Let's move on to personality traits and hobbies, shall we? I must say, at first, I am usually a bit shy, although not completely. I will talk to a stranger, although they must initiate the conversation. Otherwise, I am quite a nice, friendly, chatty person. I have been told that I am quite bubbly, and also a little naive. And I must agree with that. I am not one to fight, and often avoid confrontation as much as possible. I definitely prefer peace over war, and although I do not actively participate in peace rallies or anything like that, I do not wish to fight. If I do see two people fighting, I often intervene and try to prevent it. This has resulted in a few beatings over time, but hey, it happens when trying to do the right thing.

I am quite a partier, although I do know my limits and know when to stop. Maybe it's just the youth in me, but hey, we all party every now and then. I rarely ever get drunk, usually only buzzed. I do not do drugs, nor have I ever done them. I stick with alcohol, and even with alcohol I rarely drink. That may cause confusion, saying I'm a partier but don't drink often. What I mean is, I attend parties often, just for the fun of it, but won't always drink. When I am drunk, I am such a cuddler. I just want to hold someone or be held by someone. I do not care if it is a man or a woman, I just want to be held. When I am buzzed, however, I become full of energy and dance more and become a little crazy. But hey, I'm having fun, so what does it matter?

When it comes to love, I am not picky. I will love man or woman, just as long as they love me back. I think that love is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and I think if you find that love with the same gender, then so be it. You love who you love, and no one can stop or control it. I personally have never fell in love, truly in love, but I do know that if I find that love I do not wish to objectify myself to a certain kind of love. I'm all for equality, clearly. (:

Although I am a partier and a model, I do study literature and the arts. My minor is actually Literature, which to some comes as a surprise, since I am a model and most models do not study things like this. But I like to break the norm. Along with literature and the arts, I also study, in my free time, psychology. I find the brain to be the most fascinating organ in the human body, and am always eager to learn new things that I had not previously known. I am a bit of nerd, usually always with my nose in a book, or studying. Whether it be modeling, literature, or psychology, I love to learn more and strive to know as much as possible about my fields of interest.

Also in my free time, I really enjoy writing poems and songs. I do also play guitar and piano, and usually add a musical key to my poems. None of my songs have been seen or heard by anyone except for Heather, as I am not confident enough in my ability as a songwriter to play for just anyone. I have, however, left songs anonymously for people with amazing voices. I never reveal that I am the writer, although no one suspects it.

I am one in tune with nature. I love meditation, spending time in meadows, fields, forests, rivers, beaches, etc. Any opportunity to be outside, I jump at it. I have been that way ever since I was a little girl. My parents would have to lock the doors and make sure the butlers and my nanny kept an eye on me to make sure I wouldn't sneak out to play. I used to raise a fuss, but what child doesn't when they do not get their way? It is just human nature aha.

Well dears, I suppose it is time to tell you a little bit of history about myself. Nothing too deep or personal, of course.

Growing up, my family always had money. My great grandparents and grandparents made quite a name for my family in London. After my grandmother passed away, my mother received her entire inheritance, since my mother was an only child. We acquired the estate my grandmother owned, and all the money she had saved and left for my mother. I lived quite lavishly, although I never turned into a spoiled brat like most wealthy children. We lived in the estate for years until we moved to America. I was quite sad to leave, but it seemed like a new beginning. Besides, the estate we purchased here was just as nice. We kept all of our butlers and employees, and they moved with us to America. I never mentioned but I do have two siblings - an older sister and younger brother. My sister, being three years older than I, stayed in London, which was a separation we expected but still had a hard time accepting.

Once enrolled in school here, I just lived my life as normally as possible, with nothing else to report. I am terribly sorry to end it here, but alas I have nothing more to say.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning about me, and I hope to see you all again soon.~
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Oh, hello there. I was not expecting company. Please, sit and enjoy some tea and biscuits. My name is Emily, Emily McCallister. It is a pleasure to meet you. Perhaps I shall tell you a bit about me before I dive into the hard details? To start, I would like you to know that I am a vampire. Yes, a full blown, full blooded vampire. I was not changed into becoming a vampire; I was born as one. My parents, Lucian and Ophelia, are two of the three original vampires, me being their first born child. Being the first born, I received the most power from my parents. I was very fortunately gifted with the power of air and wind. My natural vampire powers are also much stronger than that of my sibling, Gyasi, and vampires who were created by other vampires. I was born in Venice, Italy. A little cliche, isn't it? Being a vampire born in Italy? Well, that's just the way it is. I do speak fluent Italian, however I do not have a very thick Italian accent. It is very very faint, so faint, in fact, that you really have to listen in order to hear it. I was not raised in Italy, but that is a story for another time. As for my age...Although I look 21 years old, I am actually 1,672 years old. Yes, I am a very old vampire, however the older a vampire is the better, in some cases. And in my case, it is very true.

I am thankful enough that my hair is naturally blonde. I have recently dyed it a mint green, however it faded and I decided to go back to my natural color. My hair is also a bit on the longer side, reaching a little above midlength on my back. It is not super thick, so it's super easy for me to maintain. I prefer to keep it straight, as it is naturally straight, but I do like to curl it from time to time. My eyes are a natural icy blue, however, when I am thirsty, they turn a dark, midnight blue, and if my thirst is severe enough, they turn nearly black. I have naturally olive toned skin, although it is mostly pale. I stand at 5 feet, 2 and 1/2 inches tall and weigh a mere 112 pounds. I am very small and petite, but given what I am, it's to be expected. As for my fashion sense, I wear mostly high name designer brands, such as Gucci, Chanel, Armani, etc. I will wear mostly anything, although I do love wearing dresses. They make me feel like a princess. As for my shoes, well, it's the same situation with my clothes; Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Shyness is probably my most noticeable personality trait. Why, may you ask? Well, living as long as I have, I have learned that it is best to let yourself stay a mystery to most people. It is more of a defense mechanism, keeping a little distant from people. I prefer not to trust just anyone, and I do not wish to be a "social butterfly", as I like to stick within my social group that I already have. Along with being shy, I am a little hard to trust, meaning I don't trust easy. I have met far too many cruel and evil people in the world who were supposed to be my friends who turned on me. Eventually, I just stopped trusting altogether unless we had known each other long enough to know I can fully trust you.

Although I may be shy and timid, once you do get to know me and I have learned that you can be trusted, I am quite a nice and caring person. I will go through almost anything for you, if we become good enough friends. Any one who knows me well enough can back that up. I am also quite generous when it comes to friend, and if you need help with say financial troubles, I am very glad to help in any way I can. I am quite well off, and can say with confidence that I have money to spare. Which is one reason so many people used me. Anyways. Along with being nice, generous, and caring, I am extremely forgiving, if what you did was easy enough to forgive. That has been one downfall for me in the past, however I have learned to control this and only forgive when absolutely necessary.

I do have quite a temper on me, though. It contradicts a bit with being a nice person, but I have a long fuse, and it takes a lot to get me to show my true temper. I feel like all vampires naturally have that dark, mean side within them, some just know how to control it better than others. My way of anger is..Well, vindictive. We may get into quite a nasty argument, and maybe even throw a few punches, but I make sure your life turns into a living hell afterwards. Even if I am no longer angry at the situation, I want to make sure to make the point that you do not mess with me. I have learned to control it only a slight bit, but thankfully I do not reach that point of anger often.

I have a huge soft and sensitive side. I often wear my heart on my sleeve, and let my emotions be known. I usually only let it show when I am truly upset or sad, and that is just because I like having someone to talk to about my issues. I do the same for mostly everyone I know; I will always lend a shoulder to cry on if they need it. Some things can make me sad in a heartbeat, such as an animal dying in a movie, or like hearing tragic news. I may be one tough cookie at times, but I am a softie, especially when it comes to romance,

Living as long as I have, and having as much free time as I have had in the past, I have studied many fields, and obtained degrees in many fields. I have degrees in Psychology, Cosmetology, Biology, Nursing, Archaeology, and Engineering. I have had jobs in most of these fields over the years, and am very appreciative that I was able to have such amazing jobs. Now, these degrees are displayed in my home to show my hard work and dedication towards education. I am currently deciding if I wish to try and get a new degree, however I have not yet decided if it is worth my time these days. There is so much more to do in the world now, and I'm not sure if staying in school all the time is how I wish to spend my current time.

As you may have noticed, education is huge to me. Along with education is literature. I love reading poems, old novels that in their day were the best around (and in my opinion still are), reading Shakespearean plays, all of that. I think literacy is one of the most important things in the world, and I often have to correct people's grammar. I try not to, as I do not wish to be one of those annoying people who constantly does that. So I limit myself, but still slip from time to time. However, even though I love literacy, books, all that, I do not write my own material. I have tried in the past and felt as though it wasn't good enough, so I scraped it all and chose to just enjoy the works of others instead of trying to create my own work.

What I lack in writing ability I make up for in my musical ability. I have been playing piano for as long as I can remember, and am quite skilled at it. I remember being a little girl, actually hearing Mozart and others like him when they first came out. I was very inspired by Mozart, Beethoven, and people like them. I even wrote my own music for a bit, nothing major, but I liked it, and so did others who heard it. Along with piano, I focused my music strictly with classical sounds; I also play the violin, cello, flute, clarinet, and the harp. In my home, I have one giant instrument room where I keep all my instruments, and others are often in awe at the collection I have.

My mother used to joke around with me and said I should have been a mermaid, with how much time I spent in the water. With my vampire ability to go without air, I could swim for hours on end, often staying under water, marveled at what I found. I preferred swimming in the ocean, as I loved swimming with all the animals. I still do to this day. Whenever I go to the ocean, I always end up taking a dip in the water, much to the shock of others. A normal person wouldn't last more than a few minutes in the ocean, but being a vampire, not only does the cold not bother me, but neither do the animals. I love swimming with whales, dolphins, and seals the most. However, although they may be dangerous, I also quite love swimming with sharks. They do not bother me, and I do not bother them, but they are so majestic and fascinating to me. I can spend hours swimming in the ocean, even after the sun goes down. Once in a great while, I will even sleep in a coral reef or rock structure somewhere, keeping myself safe by making winds beneath the surface, creating a barrier so the animals won't try to eat me in their sleep, although I wouldn't die.

Well, that is enough about me. Now it is time for me to tell you about my life...Starting from the beginning.

As I stated before, I was born in Venice, Italy. I was born in a time, however, where mythical beings were not accepted, and hunted down for extinction. My parents feared for my life, and the life of siblings, and they sent us all away, to different parts of the world, to try to protect us. I was adopted by a nice family in America, and I grew up there with that family. My parents and I did keep in contact, however, once it was safe again. But the damage had been done; all of siblings were dead, and I lost many vampire friends, including Dracula, the only other original vampire. The losses were devastating, but I had to move on and act as though nothing happened, since times were still tough for us mythical creatures.

I went from family to family, since it was so long ago, and vampire babies age much slower than human babies. I was so glad I still had my real parents to keep in contact with, seeing as how I never had one true one to live with for a while. The last family I lived with, I was 16 by human standards, so it was not that long ago. I actually liked this family; the mother was incredibly nice and sweet, and her first husband, he was such a nice guy, very patient with me since I was so much older than normal foster kids. I actually loved this family, and we were very happy together.

About a year with this family, they took in a very good friend of theirs son, Tristen. He and his father had been on vacation to Niagara Falls, when they were hit head on. Tristen only suffered minor injuries, but his father was put into a coma. Tristen was very shy at first and kept to himself, not that I blamed him. After a while, he opened up to us, and I learned that he was a werewolf, and although vampires and werewolves are natural enemies, we became the best of friends, and still are to this day. His father unfortunately, passed away in the hospital, but with our support, we made it so much easier for him.

My foster mother was diagnosed with brain cancer shortly after that. About a year after her diagnosis, she passed, and although it was devastating, life goes on. We graduated from high school, and at the time, there was a massive vampire outbreak in Italy, and I had to go help clean it up, and I was gone for a year. I had to leave everything so unexpectedly, my boyfriend Sam, Tristen, everything. I felt so bad, but I had other obligations that I had to attend to, and I came to Italy to help clean up the mess.

I returned nearly a year later, and so much had changed...Sam and I were no longer together, my relationship with Tristen was hanging by a thread, and I had lost everything here. I had to completely start over, but it was kind of nice. I made up with Tristen, and Sam and I had decided to part ways after we met up to talk. However, a few months after being back, Sam was turned into a demon, and now he and I are starting a new, since he is now a demon and not a hunter like before.

And there ends my story...I hope you all enjoyed, and I hope to see you all again soon.~

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Hello there~ My name is Tristen, Tristen Montez. It is very nice to meet all you lovely people. Please, do pull up a chair and enjoy listening to me somewhat brag about myself.

Well, I suppose I shall start with basics. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona on September 8th, 1993, making me 23 years old.I know, I know, I do not look my age at all. It is somewhat of a curse, but hey, I figure if I look this young at this age, then when I'm 50 I'll look like I'm in my 30s (I can hope..). Anyways. One thing you should know about me is that I am a werewolf. Yes, a werewolf. Not like those Twilight werewolves, no. What they are, are shifters. I am the TRUE werewolf; shift only during a full moon, can be killed by a silver bullet, etc. When I shift into my wolf form, I turn into a slightly larger than average, jet black wolf. My powers as a wolf are much stronger than that of a normal wolf, and this comes in handy in fights with vampires, demons, etc. Being a werewolf, in my human form I don't have any extraordinary powers, like what vampires and demons have. I do, however, have quite a rare and unique power. With a simple touch of our skin, for example a handshake, I can see into your entire past. Because of this, I have taken to wearing gloves (with the finger spaces cut out), or just simply try not to touch people as often as possible. Your memories and past will not stick with me however; after a certain time period after the touch, I will forget about it completely, unless you and I share a strong bond.

Well, enough about the minor details. It is time to move onto what I look like, fashion sense, etc. I like to experiment with hair colors, and have since found that I love red hair. It is a pain to maintain, but it's worth it for this color. I have light blue eyes, but sometimes they look a little more green than blue. I do have lip piercings, although they are relatively new, as you may have noticed. I have also pierced my septum, although I don't always keep that ring in. I have no tattoos, a few scars, and my skin is a little on the than side right now, however during winter I get ghostly white. I do not like it, because I sometimes get mistaken for a vampire, but I have to deal with it, as I refuse to use tanning beds and there is not enough warmth to tan during winter. I stand at 5 feet, 11 inches tall, and I weigh 140 pounds. I am mostly slender, with only a slight muscular build. I have a faint set of six pack abs, but you can hardly notice unless I flex, which is hardly ever. Now, moving onto fashion. Basically, I'm a laid back dresser. I don't care too much about the way I look, but I don't dress like a slob. I switch between solid color shirts and designed shirts, sometimes a button up or something a little more formal, and I usually wear skinny jeans. I wear "skater" type shoes, or sandals.

That's about all I can tell you about my appearance. I mean, what more is there to tell? So now, it's time for the fun part: learning about me; personality traits, hobbies, the works.

For the most part, I am a nice guy. However, since most often times I get to see your past when I first meet you, I get an idea of who you are as a person, and my attitude towards you is based on that. Usually, people who were mean and vindictive in the past still are, so I try my best to not associate myself with them. If I see that you are a genuinely nice person, then I will obviously be nice to you. I usually do give people a chance to prove their past wrong, but most often times people haven't, so I make myself act like an ass to get them to leave me alone. It always work.

I am quite sporty, even though I may not be built like I am. I have never competed in sports for competition; just for fun. I have played basically everything: soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, a little bit of football, some hockey, and rarely ever, golf. My favorite thing to play is soccer, mainly because I enjoy running. I run a minimum of three miles a day, and it has greatly helped my speed in my wolf form. I have received my fair share of broken bones and cuts from sports, but hey, no pain no gain, right?

I love to have fun. I always try to get my friends to do fun things with me, even if the weather isn't he greatest. I love dirt bike riding, roller coasters, going go cart racing, going to carnivals/fairs, basically anything that fits into those categories. I am not a person to just sit at home when I know there are other, funner things to be doing. I also enjoy a nice party, however I rarely party, because I always get shit faced drunk and I rarely ever want to get like that. All my friends love spending time with me, because they know that no matter what we're doing, we'll be having fun.

Although I do like going out and having fun, I do also enjoy sitting at home with a good book. I am quite a bookworm, and can finish large books within a few short hours. I stick mainly to reading thriller/mysteries, but I do like to read a nice romance novel from time to time. Along with reading, I also quite enjoy writing. I actually have had one book published before, although I didn't gain any fame or notoriety from it. It felt nice, having something published. It got good reviews, although it never made it to be a huge success. Which was fine with me; I didn't publish it for the fame, I published it because I loved what I had written and thought others might too. Even though I write books, I do not write poetry. Poetry has always been a lost cause to me; I can't understand the rhyme patterns and all that. I just don't bother with it and put all my energy into writing books.

Cooking became somewhat of an outlet for me as a child. Once I found out I was a werewolf, my whole life changed, and it shocked me so bad I didn't know what to do. Cooking was a way to help escape reality for a while, and it actually helped a little with dealing with the situation. I became an amazing chef, and my father told me it was a gift and calling, and that I should consider becoming a professional chef. I never thought twice about it, but continued to do home cooking that blew everyone away. My dad actually stopped cooking for me and had me cook the meals, and I didn't mind one bit. I's so rewarding cooking something for someone and having them love every bite and want more, even if they can't eat anymore.

Work is very important to me. I am an extreme workaholic, and always fully dedicate myself to my work. Along with being a workaholic, I am very ambitious. I strive for perfection in my job, and aim to achieve the highest position possible. Already, I have been an executive chef, although I had to quit because life happened and I had to take time away from work. I can be quite competitive too, and it can become quite a problem. I know not to brag, but sometimes I can't help it and it slips out without me thinking about it.

That's enough about me as a person. Let's dive on in to my history...

As I said, I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. I was born an only child, and part of me wishes I had a blood sibling. Oh well. My mother unfortunately passed away a few months after my birth, and my father, naturally, was crushed. He fell into depression, but overcame it when he realized how blessed he was to have had a beautiful (his words) son with the woman he loved. He spoiled me like I was a prince, and made sure I had everything I ever wanted. He always took me out to the fanciest restaurants, took me to concerts quite often, and we went on very expensive vacations every summer. I never knew where all the money had come from, but I never questioned it because I enjoyed the time together. He was the perfect father, even though he did have his faults.

My father had never told me about my werewolf blood, however. He knew it was in his family's blood, but it skipped him, so naturally he forgot all about it. That is, until he saw me shift. He was stunned, whether with fear or amazement, I'm not sure. He had and I were in Michigan, visiting the great lakes. We were sitting at one of the lakes late one night, I forget which one. Obviously, it was the time of the full moon, and as the moon started to work its way out from behind the clouds, I felt different. My body shook, I became incredibly hot, my breathing was rough, and I ached from head to toe. My father, forgetting about his werewolf blood, though I was ill, and tied picking me up to take me to the hospital. He couldn't pick me up, though; my body was far too heavy. He stood there, helpless, crying, until I felt like my body exploded. Suddenly, things were more clear, I didn't ache or hurt anymore, the heat went away, but I knew I wasn't on two legs. I walked towards the water, well, more like hobbled, because walking on four legs was a new sensation to me, and saw I had changed. My dad and I waited at the lake until sunrise, and once the sun rose, and I shifted back, we went back to our hotel room and he explained everything to me. I was shocked; I didn't believe such creatures existed, but yet I was one.

Since I was only eleven when I shifted, my whole life changed. Things became more clear to me, I could pick out who was human and who wasn't, and it all overwhelmed me. I tried running away, to try and escape what I was, but I was caught by the police before I made it too far. After that, rebellion seemed like the best option. It just sort of happened, because I was trying to live a normal life, but things could never be normal again. I was arrested a few times, spent a little time in juvy, was on probation for a year and a half, and even got caught up doing drugs for a very short time. I was sent to rehab at the age of fifteen. Terrible, I know. But it was actually just what I needed. I got clean, and realized the errors of my ways and realized I couldn't run from what I was, and that I had to embrace it. Once I did, I lived a much happier life. For a very, very short time.

I spent six long months in rehab. When I came out, my father said our next vacation was going to be to Niagara Falls, a place both of us had always dreamed of going, but since I rebelled for a while and had to be kept local, it was put on hold. He decided it would be a nice trip if we drove, so we could spend time together and catch up and try to have a healthy relationship again, since I pushed him away during those darker years. So we began our long trip up north to Canada.

I was only sixteen years old, and my father and I were almost in Canada; we were in Washington, resting for the night before tackling the next long part of the trip. We stayed in a hotel for the night, and left early the next morning. What had been a fun, enjoyable trip had soon turned into a tragedy...

As I said, we had left early that morning. We were getting close the Canadian border, and had everything ready to cross. However, a drunk driver was on the road that morning as well. He cut across lanes, and T-boned our car. I had suffered a concussion, a few broken ribs, many deep cuts, and nearly broke my neck. I was treated just fine, but my father was different story. With the position the guy hit us in, he sent our car spiraling out of control, and my dads car slammed hard into the railing on the side of the road. He suffered very severe injuries, and was put in a coma. Having no other immediate family to turn to, a good family friend took me in.

I had known these people for a long time, and they had just recently adopted a girl as well. They took care of me in every way they knew how, but also gave me my space, which I so desperately needed. I did keep social, though it was forced. I was a little shocked to find how well I got along with their foster daughter, Emily. She was a vampire, and she knew I was a werewolf. Our foster parents didn't know, though we both knew the second we met. Our scents gave us away, and even though werewolves and vampires are natural enemies, her and I became the best of friends. She helped me through the situation more than anyone, and I will forever be grateful for that.

I had finally started to be happy again, though I never forgot about my father. I went to the hospital often to check on his condition, and they had finally told me what I feared: They could no longer keep him on life support. I was devastated all over again, but I had mentally prepared myself for that day, so I handled it quite well. We handled all funeral preparations, and laid him to rest in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

Not soon after my father had passed, my foster mother passed due to cancer. It was hard, but at the same time easy. Emily and I handled it quite well, since she wasn't our real mother, but we did still mourn.

After Emily and I graduated, she disappeared without a word. I felt a little betrayed by her, only because I didn't know why she had left. I turned my sadness into anger, and thought I had started to hate her. A year later, she came back and found me and explained everything. I felt terrible, I had thought I hated her, but yet she had a legitimate reason to leave. I forgave her, and we have been as great as ever.

And there ends my life history. I do hope you all enjoyed~

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Hello there loves~ Stumbling upon this page, I suppose you wish to learn more about me. I shall grant your wish to the best of my ability.~

Well, starting out with the basics, my name is Serenity, Serenity Clark. I was born in San Diego, California, May 22nd, 1902. You may be wondering, "How can someone live that long, and stay so youthful looking?!" Many jump to the conclusion that I am a vampire, but I'm not. I am so much different than a vampire; I am an angel. Yes, an angel. I will get to the story of how I came to be an angel later, but for now, I will stick with the basics. Sticking with the basics, I have been so gratefully gifted with the ability to bring peace to a certain area with a very special kind of shock wave. I cannot control other emotions; I can only make you feel peace. The story of how I obtained this gift shall be told later as well.

Enough about the minor details. Lets move onto appearance, shall we? To start, as you may have noticed, I have light and dark caramel/chocolate colored hair with honey highlights. My hair is naturally straight, but I usually curl the ends to sweep across my shoulders. My hair is naturally dark, chocolate brown, but I add the caramel and honey to it to really bring out my eyes and skin tone. My eyes are a very light hazel, and I have naturally caramel colored skin. I am partially Hispanic, which explains why my skin tone is the way it is. I stand at 5 feet 5 inches tall, and have a more slender body. I really don't have much muscle tone, and I am not afraid to admit I am not the strongest. But in my eyes, strength is more than just muscle; there is other strength to be found within ones self. As for what I wear, well, does it honestly matter? I would also like to point out that no, I do not have angel wings. That is, not on Earth anyways. I appear to you just like a normal human, and there are no give away's that I am an angel unless I tell you, which I cannot do.

Moving on to personality, I would like to start by saying I am not hostile, aggressive, mean, rude, or anything like that. Being an angel, the only nature I know is nice and peaceful. Honestly, I prefer it this way. I remember from my human life, I met very mean and cruel people, and I never understood why. I did have my moments, as does everyone, but now that I know only peace and caring/kindness, I am so glad I have been freed from such emotions. It is in my opinion that once you let go of all hostility and anger, life is so much better. And, along with being peaceful and caring/kind all the time, I am very positive and optimistic all the time, and try my best to pass these feelings and thoughts onto everyone else. I don't annoy anyone with it, as I do know when to stop, but every chance I get I do.

Although I am positive and optimistic all the time, I do have partial moments of sadness and doubt. I am quite a sensitive person, and this is why I feel such emotions. However, they go just as fast as they come. It is because of my positive nature that I let these feelings go, because I know they do no good for a person. They only cause unnecessary pain and suffering. And, I always try my best to help banish these feelings from others as well, even if it can only be a temporary relief from the pain.

Being an angel, it is in part of my nature to protect those with good hearts. Rarely do I protect those with evil in their hearts, and I mean true evil in their hearts. It is in my opinion that these people deserve what they get for the dirty deeds that they have done. People who do good and have good in their hearts I vow to protect, because they don't deserve harm or death until the time is appropriate. It does get a little challenging, seeing as how often it happens, and I only act if I am in the area and sense harm to a good person who needs help. I do not show forgiveness towards those who are evil, and refuse to help them, even if they are asking for my help. It is not exactly my wish, but the wish and will of God.

I am incredibly loyal, and once I say I'm by your side, I never break that promise or vow. I have seen many people hurt by people who said they would always be around for them, and then leave either unexpectedly or because of some ridiculous reason. Because of this, once I have invested my time in you, I am there until the end, even if the end never comes. I cannot say the same for romantic relationships, however, as I do not get involved romantically with anyone. And the reason being, I find it to be a waste of time, as most people on Earth are humans and will eventually pass on. I know what you're thinking, 'Well you guys could stay together even after death', but this is not the case. After death, most human memories are erased, unless you are sent to the Earth as a guardian angel, or simply sent by God for whatever reason he has. Otherwise, in Heaven, you have no recollection of your human life, except for your family members.

That's enough about my personality. Let's move onto hobbies, shall we?

I quite enjoy sightseeing, and enjoy taking long walks through nature, such as forests, hiking trails, going to the beach/ocean, and basically anything that involves being outside. I quite enjoy the solace that being alone in nature brings. Sometimes it's nice, being able to get away from everyone and responsibility for a little while. My personal favorite is sitting in a meadow alone, deep into the forest, so I can truly enjoy the peace of the great world that God created.

Gardening has become a huge part of my life. I plant everything from plants to vegetables and herbs. I have become quite skilled at it, and have a very lovely greenhouse in my home. It is filled with different kinds of flowers, bushes, vegetable plants, and herbs, naturally. I only use the vegetables I grow myself, and everyone loves them since they are so fresh. Along with gardening is cooking. I have become a somewhat skilled chef, although I only do home cooking and sometimes cook for friends. I wouldn't say I'm the best, but I'm definitely not the worst. I know I have more to learn, and hope to learn as much as possible before, if ever, I return to Heaven.

Interior design is a huge passion of mine. I am actually licensed and have a degree in interior design, and had a very steady job in it for quite a while. I still find myself doing it from time to time, although I never do it for work. I always go into houses for sale, tour, and think of ways that they could either expand space or make the flow work better. I do it all the time in my own home; I always rearrange furniture quite often because I always feel like I could improve it better. A lot of my friends have actually asked for my help with helping their house work better. Of course, I did it for free, because I'm always happy to help friends when they are in need of it.

Lastly, believe it or not, ghost hunting has became quite an enjoyable pass time. Seeing as how I can technically be considered a ghost myself, depending on how you look at it, I am more observant and keen to their presence. I can easily detect if a ghost is truly around, and can usually determine why they are still on Earth. I can be wrong, however, but ghosts get sent back to worth as an entity for a reason, and it is usually easy to sense, depending on what kind of ghost they are.

Well, now that those details are finished, it is time for you to learn about my history, and how I came to be an angel.

As I previously stated, I was born on May 22nd, 1902 in San Diego, California. San Diego was a much different place back then, as you can imagine. At the time, my family was wealthy, considering the times. I lived quite lavishly as a child, but never became spoiled. I did have to work for some things when I reached the appropriate age, and we never had any butlers or nannies to take care of me; my parents handled it all, although we did have housekeepers to clean the house for us. It was quite nice, and I always knew the importance of what hard work would do.

In school, I was considered "popular" by some, but I believed, even before becoming an angel, that everyone deserves a chance. However, to side track, now as an angel I have been gifted to be able to recognize and see the evil in people, only if it is more dominant than the good. Anyways. I never thought I was popular; I honestly thought most people only wanted to be my friend because my family was well known, and I figured they wanted to be around money to feel important. My parents always helped me to recognize those people, and I knew in school who truly liked me and who wanted to simply be around money.

I was also quite intelligent, especially at such a young age. But, I cannot take all the credit for my brains, because my parents did hire tutors from time to time to help me out with the material I did not know. I always tried to hide my intelligence, seeing as how being a smart female back in those times was almost shunned. I never spoke of it, even if people asked. I hide grades, not from my parents of course, and they always encouraged me to be proud of my intelligence, although I thought it was hard for those times.

My life was really generic, and nothing major happened until I was 23 years old. That's when my life changed forever, and in more ways than I could have imagined.

I was living in San Diego still, although no longer with my parents. I had my own job, and made somewhat decent money. My life seemed perfect to me; I even had the best boyfriend anyone could've asked for. I didn't think anything could go wrong, but I was blind and it turned around and bit me on the butt.

I remember the day perfectly. It was April 3rd, 1925, and it had started out normally; me getting ready for work, going to work, and leaving work at the normal time. Like I said, normal. That day was my mothers birthday, and she was celebrating it in her usual fashion; a huge party at her house, where anyone who was anyone showed up. I had went home to clean up and get dressed in her favorite dress, and started the long walk to her house. Unfortunately, I never made it.

It was a little later in the evening, and I was walking by a bar. A few men, drunk of their asses (pardon my French), had stumbled out. It was disgusting, the way they carried themselves. What was worse were the things they were shouting at me. "Hey baby, how would you like to come to my place for a good time?" "Damn baby, what's a looker like you doin' walkin' the streets alone? You really should have a strong man, like myself, by your side." Things like that. I walked a little faster, and they followed, although I never looked behind me. Apparently the alcohol was completely impairing their natural abilities, as it does, but with these men it seemed to be affecting them to the extreme. One had caught up and pulled my hair, trying to get me to stop. Naturally, defense mode kicked in and I turned around and gave it to the man where it hurts. This was a bad idea, however, and it was still in a time where men were superior and could beat women without punishment. I received quite a beating, one so severe, it ended in death. They had left me stranded, and by the time someone had noticed, it was too late. I had bled out, had multiple internal injuries, and I was convinced my brain was bleeding out, as there was immense pain in my skull. Eventually the lights went out, and that was it.

But it wasn't. I ended up in Heaven, and lived quite peacefully, although with no memory of my life as a human, except for family. I was enjoying life in heaven, and was quite content. Although I desperately wanted to be back on Earth. God had granted me my wish, with one exception: Considering how I went out, I was to protect those with good in their hearts, and to show no forgiveness to those with dominating evil. He even gave me the ability to see it within people, and also gave me the ability to send peaceful auras within a certain distance to give everlasting peace as long as I am around. It has been quite helpful, and I enjoy the role I've been given. The only downside is, I never age, and have to watch as those around me age and eventually pass. Because of this, I am not supposed to stay in one place too long, and I have obeyed this rule, even though it has meant walking away from people I truly love. I do try my best to keep in contact, but can only do so for so long.

The rest of my life has been spent protecting those who deserve protecting, and living life as a normal human would. There have been no other major events to tell, and so my story ends here.

I do hope you all enjoyed.~
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Shadow's Characters
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