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 Shadow's Pokemon Trainer

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Shadow's Pokemon Trainer Dress-night_00403168_thumb

My name is Melody. I come from Lavender Town in the Kanto Region, but I have traveled all over many of the regions. Along my journeys I have learned many things: like how Pokemon are meant to help you, be your friend, and how cruel some people can be. I have been a trainer ever since I was a little girl, and I still remember the day I got my first Pokemon..But the flashback isn't important. What is important is the current events.

I am a shy lady, as I have met too many cruel people to trust anyone with my full heart. I trust only my Pokemon and I am a strong Trainer, and lose very rarely when it comes to battling. I am very serious in my training, and I never give up, no matter what obstacles get in my way. I always overcome them, no matter how tough or challenging they may be. And to add to that, I have trained in all terrains and weather and have grown stronger through suffering in the blistering heat and freezing cold.

My battle style is non-physical attacks, as I do not like physical fighting. I prefer to use Pokemon who use Special Attack moves and who have great speeds. My strategy is mostly offensive, as Special attacks are easier to use effectively than physical moves are. My defensive strategy consists of moves such a Light Screen, Reflect, and sometimes Protect. I do not like when my Pokemon faint, as I feel it hurts the trust and bond we have worked up together.

My Pokemon preference is anything that is good with executing special attacks. I will use anything, just as long as it does not rely on physicality to battle. Now, onto my Pokemon.

Shadow's Pokemon Trainer Pic_1333831369_1

My darling Azurill was my first Pokemon ever caught. Well, I should say hatched. I raised it from the time I received it as an egg to where it is now. She has been my partner through it all, and I must say she has grown to be the most talented Pokemon on my team. I refuse to ever put her in her Pokeball, as she loves being out and being with me. As for her move set, she knows Blizzard, Light Screen, Double Team and Attract. And why do I only have her know one move that inflicts damage? Well because she is my most cherished Pokemon and I very rarely use her in battle.

Shadow's Pokemon Trainer 358

Next up is my lovely Chimecho, the second Pokemon I ever caught. I caught her as a Chingling, and was overwhelmed when she evolved. She is quite a strong little chime, and she loves to act like she is scared or intimidated, just so her foe thinks they have an advantage over her. As for her move set, it consists of Psychic, Shadow Ball, Light Screen, and Uproar. She absolutely loves to catch her opponents off guard, and she does quite a fantastic job of it.

Shadow's Pokemon Trainer 230px-Marlon_Mantine

Next is Mantine, the hardest and last Pokemon I caught on my team. He was definitely the hardest to train as he was the absolute most stubborn, but we made it. He loves me now, but in the beginning he would refuse to listen to a word I said. But as we worked past all that, our bond grew much stronger. His move set is Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, and Hyper Beam. He is the only one who doesn't know a status move because of how strong he is.

Shadow's Pokemon Trainer Ninetails_by_Miyukikyki

Ninetails, my beautiful fox. Third caught, and she fell in love with me almost instantly. I raised her as a little Vulpix, and she was beyond happy when I made the choice to evolve her. She has so much trust in me it's crazy. She is also very protective, and will come out of her Pokeball and give anyone a warning to be careful. Her move set is Grudge, Flamethrower, Safeguard, and Fire Blast. She takes great pride in her intense flames, and is not afraid to show her power if you doubt her.

Shadow's Pokemon Trainer Cherrim

Last but certainly not least is my lovely Cherrim. I did not need a Pokeball to capture her..I nursed her well into health when I found her suffering from poison. She never left my side, and eventually made her way into a Pokeball. She loves to roam wide fields of grass and flowers and is very friendly and personable. She will hop her way to anyone and give them warm smiles and a feeling of warmth. Her moves are Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Protect, and Morning Sun. She loves to battle, and is extremely durable for being a flower.
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Shadow's Pokemon Trainer
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