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 Shadow's Characters 2

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Hello. My name is Drayden Lee. Let's hurry up and get this over with, shall we?

I suppose to start we shall start with the basics. I was born in Tokyo, Japan as a military child, not of actual Asian descent. I never left Tokyo however, but that is a story for later. I am a very young 23 years old, or I at least look like I am. To tell you the full truth, I am a Fallen Angel who does not age and is stuck forever at the age I died at. That again is a story for later. I do not serve the Devil, or God. I am a free being, despite being a fallen angel. In my previous life I was a very stealthy being, and as such have gained a very useful ability in this new life: I am completely undetectable unless I am banging against walls or making loud noises when approaching you. I have no shadow, my footsteps, breathing, clothing, nothing makes a noise on me. Unless, to use an example, I'm banging pots and pans behind you, you won't have any clue I'm sneaking up on you, which is very helpful in my job as an assassin. But that's enough about that.

When people look at me, they notice my features are a little harsher than the normal person, and I give off a very intimidating look, which I honestly love. It makes people scared to approach me, and talk to me. I prefer secrecy and not having to deal with idle chitchat. My eyes are a very icy blue, and I have a very pale complexion, which intensifies the color of my eyes, as does my platinum blonde hair. I stand at an even 6 feet tall, and I weigh a total of 170 pounds, muscle only, as I have to be very strong and nimble for my job. My fashion sense is very, very simple; dark colored V-Neck shirts, black or dark blue skinny jeans (easier mobility, otherwise I wouldn't bother with them), and very light, sturdy shoes that provide an excellent grip strength and very low amount of skidding across surfaces.

Enough about my looks. They aren't that important. Now, I suppose it's the time to tell you more about me.

As I mentioned, I am not a very chatty person. I keep to myself and like to keep conversation limited with strangers, as I only like talking about my job with the other assassins at the agency. Although I do not like idle chitchat, I have to keep the "normal" appearance and sometimes have to cave and give in to keep a low profile, as not talking to anyone raises too many questions and wondering eyes. In my many years of..."life"...I have dealt with hearing about the most ridiculous stories and conversations, and wonder how some people function with the things they talk about.

I do not like spending too much time of a mission, and like to complete it as quick as possible. I am a no nonsense, business strict person, meaning I am usually business only and don't bother with keeping a regular appearance wherever I am located for my mission. Although I did say I have sometimes given in to idle chitchat to keep a low profile, I always try my best to keep a low profile; going out when there are very few people in the city, sticking to the shadows, and only going out at night. It has nothing to do with a hatred of the sun; I just hate having eyes on me everywhere I go.

If you are not a close friend of mine through the agency, then I am very insensitive and couldn't careless about you or your life problems. Hell, I'm an assassin for Christ's Sake. I kill people for a living with absolutely no remorse; it's not hard to turn off such emotions as pity, grief, guilt. etc. I turned such emotions off quite a long time ago. However, if we work together, then your life problems are a bit more concerning to me, as I don't want you to get too distracted, as distractions lead to mistakes and assassins can't afford any mistakes.

Romance is absolutely dead to me. I have felt love only once in my life, and it turned around to fuck me in the end. Ever since, I have written off love as a useless emotion that doesn't need to be felt. My happiness will never come from another person; only me doing things that make me happy, such as completing a mission without any interruptions, or watching as people get what they deserve.Yes, I suppose that does make me kind of a dick and heartless, but hey, what can I say?

As for my hobbies, I would say my favorite would be honing my skills with my sword, my preferred killing weapon. I am incredibly skilled and can easily slice even the smallest things in half with absolute precision, and I am very quick and agile with my sword. The assassins I train have watched me perform with my sword and have a very hard time keeping up with my movements, and often have to ask to slow down because all they see is a black and silver blur.

To make myself so swift and agile, I have done gymnastics for many years, along with meditation for focus. I also keep my body as slim and slender as possible, so I don't have much to move around. I keep a rigorous training schedule, and a very strict diet. This shocks many people who know me, because they don't understand how I can workout so much without the need to take in many calories. I can go days without eating and not even realize I'm getting a little hungry.

I don't care for any other hobbies, such as reading, painting, singing, etc., as I view them as a waste of valuable time that I can be using to better myself at my job.

Well, I suppose now I shall tell you of how I came to be a fallen angel...

As I stated before, I was born in Tokyo, the oldest of four children, and also the only one to survive the attack. My father was in the Navy, and my mother had a degree as a nurse, so she easily got a job when my father was stationed in Tokyo. Thankfully it was after the time where there was a bunch of tension between the Japanese and Americans.

My mother gave birth to me and my twin brother on November 1st. The year is not important. The following two years, she gave birth to our sisters, and tried for a fifth child, but realized soon that four was a little much for them to handle. We lived in Tokyo for a total of five years. My father was stationed there for six, but the sixth year never came for him...

I remember that night perfectly. My mother and father had fallen asleep early, exhausted from their jobs and taking care of us kids. My brother and I were five years old; my sisters only three. For whatever reason, I could not go to sleep, so I wandered our darkened house, trying to find something fun to do. Before I reached the living room, I heard the sound of glass shattering, and men rushing in. I escaped to the quickest place possible: a closet in our hallway. Thankfully they didn't hear the door close, and I was lucky this was our coat closet, and we had many bags and clothes over the floor. I worked my way quietly to the back corner of the closet and completely covered myself in clothes and kept quiet. I didn't know what was going on, and of course I was scared, but I kept hidden, knowing there was nothing I could do to help.

I hid for hours, coming out when I felt sure they were gone. As I emerged from the closet, I realized the sun was coming up. I kept calling out for my mother and father, but wasn't getting an answer. My brother and sisters also weren't responding, and I began to panic. I checked my sisters room, and they were both gone, taken by the men I assumed. My brother was gone too, but my parents...I found them dead in their bedroom. I won't ever forget that sight...I don't even want to go into detail to what I saw, but it changed me forever...In a different way than most people would assume. I wasn't scarred by it, but I vowed revenge on the men who did this. I swore they would be dead by my hand, even if I spent years looking for them.

A switch flipped in me that day. I became distant to others, cold, heartless, my only thoughts on revenge. This changed, however, the night after.

I was roaming the streets of Tokyo, trying to find food and a place to stay. A man in a black robe was walking in my direction, and I only make that distinction because he was wearing a robe, not normal people clothes. I figured he was just homeless, until he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me aside, and whispered 'I can help you.' I was stunned, but I was young enough to believe him. He took me to the assassin agency where I currently work, and allowed me to stay there until I was old enough to live on my own. He took me under his wing and trained me, even as a young boy. He taught me that revenge was not the only thing to focus on, and that I still need to live a normal life despite what happened. So I did, as he was a new father figure in my life.

I lived a normal life, up until I was 23...

My mentor had passed away when I was 21, and I tried my best to make his legacy live on. I did the best I could on missions, and did my best to help keep the agency alive, as he left me almost in charge of the place. I had yet to find the men who destroyed my family, but I wasn't giving up on my search, no matter how many missions were thrown my way. Before my mentor had passed, he had told me information that I found very, very happy: My brother and sisters were alive, although he wasn't sure where. That gave me peace and solace, knowing they hadn't killed them too. But he couldn't track down the men who took them and killed my father.

It wasn't until I turned 23 that I had finally found the men. I took them all on, a five on one attack, and I am proud to say I killed four of the five before my untimely demise...The fifth one had snuck up on me, and killed me before I got the chance to get to him. I went to heaven, but was told I did too much damage in my old life to be allowed to stay. I refused to live an eternity down in hell, and so I was sent to Earth as a Fallen Angel, a life I have come to love.

No time had passed after being granted a new life that I found the man who killed me, and I was finally able to complete my revenge. My life had served its purpose, but I knew I couldn't just end it, as I now live forever, so I went back to the agency, and continued work as normal...
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Shadow's Characters 2
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